"Don't Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight"

(WALB)  Georgia police are searching for these men who stormed into a Cordele supermarket and shot an employee as they were chased out by another worker with a machete.

Surveillance video shows five men with their faces covered run into the "Your Food Supermarket" in Cordele Wednesday night.  One of them had a gun, but he was met by a clerk ready to protect his territory.

"One of the suspects asked for money the clerk then reached under the counter and grabbed a large knife." said Detective Ketorie Sales. "It looked like a machete-type knife and the suspect then fired several shots inside of the store, one striking one of the clerks."

The men ran out of the store empty-handed with the machete-packing clerk running after them. The store owner says he's fed up and will do what he has to do in order to protect his employees.

"I just bought a gun for my employee to shoot the person if it's left up to them, Also I have some other things to protect," said store owner Dennis Barot. 

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