Bus Driver To The Rescue

PORTLAND, OREGON -- Portland, Oregon bus driver Larry Porter is known as a good neighbor, but he is now the talk of the neighborhood after saving a woman from a brutal attack. 
Porter was behind the wheel of his bus Wednesday when his eye caught a man assaulting a woman. 
"I mean punching her, slapping her in the head, hitting her in the face," said Porter. 
According to Porter, nobody was stopping to help. 
He pulled the bus over and yelled at the man that the police were coming. 
"Whatever went on in his head made him start hitting her faster," he said. 
For a man who has six kids and a half dozen sisters of his own, doing nothing would not do. 
Porter jumped out of the bus and headed for the couple. 
"I had to tackle the guy off the girl and secure him with my body weight to stop him from hitting on this lady," said Porter. 
By this point other witnesses had arrived to help, but the woman was already bloodied and bruised. 
Allegedly, the fight was over a cell phone. 
Police arrived on scene, but the man was not arrested. 
Porter says it is because the woman walked away before police arrived. 
"I was raised 'you don't pass by when someone needs help," said Porter. 
A Trimet Public Transportation spokesperson said the agency urges drivers to always use their best judgment. 
Porter's kids greeted him with a song when he arrived home from work Wednesday. 
"His name is Larry and he's a hero," sang the kids. 
Larry's neighbors agree with the children. 
"It's no surprise to me at all," said neighbor Bob Forrest. 
"He has southern values," added Jean Forrest. "He's a Christian man." 
But Porter does not consider himself a hero. 
"I'm just a normal guy who did what should've been done."

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