Body Mistaken for Mannequin

(WFLA) A mannequin or a body?  Two men hired to clean out a vacant house in Spring Hill thought they had just found a mannequin.

"That this was in his opinion and he told us the opinion of his coworker, as well as the property owners that this was a Halloween type prop or mannequin that was left hanging in the garage as a cruel hoax by the former tenants for the landlord," said Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis.

But when the men took the "mannequin" to the West Hernando Transfer station where residents can dump household waste, workers were not convinced what they saw, was just a mannequin and they called deputies.

And sure enough it was no Mannequin. Eventually investigators determine the "mannequin" was indeed the body of Jeremy Whitforth.

Investigators believe that Whitforth took his own life after finding a suicide note.

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