Baby Survives 11-Story Fall

(KARE)  Doctors say the chances of an adult surviving a fall from an 11-story balcony are rare.

Somehow, 1-year-old Musa Dayib fell from a balcony on Sunday at Minneapolis, Minnesota's Riverside Plaza and survived. He is in critical but stable condition.

Machines are breathing for him at Hennepin County Medical Center. Both of his arms are broken. His lungs are bruised and his back is fractured.

But Dr. Tina Slusher says two things worked in his favor.

"Little kids are more flexible and don't break as easily as we do and he also fell in a very small patch of mulch," she said. "It's definitely a miracle. It's God's gift to his family. Kids don't fall this far and make it often. Especially without a serious brain injury. You or I would've been dead."

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