A Sister's Sacrifice

(KSDK)  Finishing last never felt so good for a set of twins from Trenton, Illinois.

Chloe and Claire Gruenke were running in the state track meet when Chloe fell to the track in pain. And as you'd expect, her twin came to her rescue and their photo finish had the crowd on their feet and in tears.

"I was running my 800 and I was trying to stay up with the pack," Chloe said. "And then I opened up my stride too much and I felt something in my quad move and pull."

Chloe Gruenke tried to keep running, but by the time she hit the first curve of her second lap, she says it hurt too much and she fell to the track.

"I thought oh my goodness what just happened," said Claire Gruenke. "I went up to her and I said 'Chloe are you okay?' and she was like 'I don't know. Something just pulled in my leg.'"

So Claire did what came natural.

"I put her on my back, and then I started to jog. I got really tired, so I walked the rest and the crowd was just blaring in my ears. That gave me energy to at least finish it," she said.

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