Vandals Target Light Poles

- AMARILLO -- Light poles in Amarillo have been targeted for their copper, and Amarillo Police need your help tracking down the vandals.

The Texas Department of Transportation is warning drivers to be alert when driving at night Southeast of town on FM 1151, and over at North Coulter and Loop 335, after vandals targeted light poles in both areas. Officials say the vandals removed the back hatch from the base of the poles, revealing wiring on the inside. They then ripped the wires out, presumably to strip out and sell the copper on the inside.

Though they got away with roughly $1,000 in copper, they caused $40,000 dollars in damages and dangerous driving conditions at night.

"If you're driving at night, realize these lights are going to be out," said Paul Braun with the Texas Department of Transportation. "What we're most concerned about are vehicles out there, maybe pedestrians and even bicyclists."

Repairs are underway, but the problem is TxDOT has to wait for parts to come in to fix light poles at both locations. According to Braun, the lights may not be working again for more than a month.

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