Urban Farm Growing to Help San Jacinto Area

Amarillo - San Jacinto will soon be home to a new urban farm to help teach locals how to grow their own food and provide fresh produce.
What started as a man gardening to produce some of his own food will soon turn into a community garden.
"Transforming what you see here and also doing it on 6th street, on a much larger scale, it is probably going to be about 10,000 square feet," said Danny Melius with Nuke City Veg.
Melius with Nuke City Veg is teaming up with Brady Clark and Square Mile Community Development to turn an empty lot in San Jacinto into an urban farm.
Clark says he heard about what Melius was doing awhile back and loved the idea of growing food.
He said when the plot at 6th and Belleview was donated they decided to turn it into something that will help the neighborhood.
"Provide healthy foods in a lower income neighborhood that has been kind of neglected for awhile and really utilize that as a cornerstone of transforming the overall community in terms of economic development, health, education," said Clark.
Not only will they grow food, they will teach community members how to garden as well and provide them an opportunity to help the area.
"During the course of growing we are going to have volunteer days as well, where people can come help us weed, help us pick the vegetables and just maintain the property, stuff like that," said Melius.
They hope to eventually expand the project even more.
"Really the second phase of this project which is actually putting in a brick and mortar community market, a small grocery store in San Jacinto to deal with the fact there's no grocery stores in that area so the supporters and folks who would be able to get behind that, it is appreciated," added Clark.
Clark says donations and volunteers would help get the project moving even faster.
For more information on donating or volunteering with the groups, visit, https://www.facebook.com/nukecityveg/?fref=ts  or https://www.facebook.com/squaremilecommunity/?hc_ref=SEARCH

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