Update: Oregon School Shooting

- UPDATE 12:44 P.M. -- More now on the shooting at an Oregon high school this morning that has left one student and the suspected gunman dead. 

Police responded to Reynolds High School in Troutdale, a suburb of Portland, shortly after 8 this morning. 

By 9:20, the situation was under control and reports surfaced that the shooter had been killed.

Students are now being bussed from the school to the parking lot of a local business, where parents have been told to gather to be reunited with their children.

Officials spoke to reporters at around 10, confirming that the gunman killed one student. But there were few other details, as the investigation continues.

A spokesman for the police said updates on the investigation would be tweeted out with the hashtag "RHSshooting" as information became available.

(NBC NEWS) 11:14 A.M. -- Shortly after 8 this morning, a number of emergency vehicles and police officers arrived at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon -- about 12 miles east of Portland -- responding to a report of shots fired.

Students tweeted that the school was in lockdown, reporting that they had heard gunfire and seen police officers racing toward the school buildings.

Within about an hour, the situation had been neutralized and the suspect was reported dead.

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