Two-Year Degrees Starting Off Well

- A recent study finds that college students getting an associate's degree or certification often start out making more money than those with a traditional four-year degree. The two-year programs usually allow for training in skills that can be useful as soon as they're completed, and there is high demand for students in certain programs. Amarillo College President Dr. Paul Matney told us that those fields are a bit more rigorous but have very good compensation after graduation. It's important to remember, however, that more education will help improve your future earnings. The overall picture favors those with the more time spent in school. Plenty of those two-year students transfer to four-year colleges, such as West Texas A&M to finish their degree and they have a good understanding of college work at that point. Also, many former students will come back to Amarillo College to finish the four-year degree.

The study can be found at

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