Two Traffic Stops Lead to Arrests in Tulia


TULIA -- Officer Longoria and Mirko assisted a DPS traffic stop on I-27 leading to two arrests.

A free air sniff for narcotics around the vehicle alerted Mirko to the vehicle’s driver door and the back right passenger door.

Corporal Rodriguez and Officer Longoria conducted a probable cause search of the vehicle and recovered a black duffle bag that contained marijuana and several items of drug paraphernalia.

The driver, Justin Souquette-Lopez, and passenger, Kathryn Havelka, were travelling from San Antonio to Colorado. Officials arrested Souquette-Lopez and Havelka and jailed in Swisher County.

A week later, Officer Longoria initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle and found more drugs. During the course of the traffic stop, multiple indicators and observations led Officer Longoria to believe narcotics may be present in the vehicle. Officer Longoria deployed Mirko and conducted a free air sniff for narcotics around the vehicle.

They found marijuana cigars hidden under the driver’s seat.

Officer Longoria arrested Bryson Montre Session of Tulia and charged with possession of Marijuana in a Drug Free Zone.

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