Two Archbishops Consecrated

- VATICAN --  Pope Francis consecrated two new Archbishops in saint peter's basilica today.
The two new archbishops are both Papal Ambassadors.
The french archbishop was named Papal Ambassador to Ghana in August.
Last month, the Italian Archbishop was named president of the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy, which is dedicated to the training of the priests who will serve in the diplomatic corps of the Holy See.
In his homily, Pope Francis said the bishop is like the head of the family, and should always have the good shepherd as an example.
He also reminded the new archbishops that their new position is one of service, not honor.
Pope Francis told them to love those entrusted to them like a father and to always respond immediately when a priest calls them.
He also told them to pray for those outside of the church, because they are also entrusted to them.

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