Tumbleweed Clean-up During Randall County Burn-Ban

RANDALL COUNTY -- Randall County residents may be seeing more tumbleweeds around their property thanks to the wind. 

However, it has come to the attention of the Randall County Fire Department that many property owners want to take care of the tumbleweed problem by burning them. 

Randall County is currently under a burn ban and the Fire Department feels that it is imperative that the burn ban be left in place, for the safety of residents, as the very small amount of moisture that was received from the last snowfall has been lost from recent rising temperatures, low humidity, and windy days. 

Until the County experiences enough moisture to lift the burn ban, the fire department has a list of things you can do to take care of the problem: 
  • Crush Tumbleweeds and deposit them in your trash dumpster or haul them to an approved landfill. 
  • Use a lawnmower to shred small amounts at a time. Some success has been seen in utilizing larger mowing/shredding equipment for larger amounts. USE OF MACHINERY FOR THIS PURPOSE DURING PERIODS WITH RELATIVE HUMIDITIES AT OR BLEOW 15% IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

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