Tulia Police Department Transitions from Taser to Pepper Gun

TULIA -- The Tulia Police Department has recently transitioned from the Taser electro-shock device to a new, non-lethal device called the JPX Cobra 450 pepper gun. 

“Our goal was to find the most effective, non-lethal alternative to the Taser,” said Chief Jeffrey Yarbrough. “We found the JPX Cobra 450 to be a more humane and an extremely reliable option for our department. It results in significantly less collateral injury to individuals, while providing our officers with a safe and effective way to disorient or disable combative or aggressive individuals.”

The JPX Cobra 450 is a hand-held, pistol-style device that fires a polarized and concentrated stream of oleorisin capsicum (OC) solution. The solution is basically a mixture of cayenne pepper and water. 

The difference, according to Tulia Police Chief Jeffrey Yarbrough, is found in the Scoville heat units. A jalapeno pepper is measured at around 8,000 Scoville heat units, while the JPX Cobra 450 OC spray is measured at 400,000 Scoville heat units. 

The Tulia Police Department currently has two JPX Cobra 450 certified instructors to provide officers with specialized training into its use, effectiveness, and safety. Tulia Police officers will begin carrying the device by May 30. 

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