Tulia Police Chief Agreed to be Shot w/ Pepper Gun: Video Included

- LUBBOCK,TX- What do you get when you mix pepper spray with a high powered gun? The JPX Cobra 450 is what you get, and it is the newest weapon for police officers in Tulia. 

"The weapon actually fires a concentrated mist of O.C. spray, which is pepper spray," Police Chief Jeffrey Yarbrough said.

Yarbrough wanted his officers to understand the power of the weapon.  So he instructed them to put just a tiny bit of the pepper spray on their faces.  But then Yarbrough did a very brave thing.  He agreed to be shot in the face with the weapon and the event was captured on video. 

The pepper spray mist is made up of water and cayenne pepper.  The Cobra fires about 500 feet per second and is two times hotter than traditional pepper spray.  It is also safer than your normal taser. 

"With a taser, when a person falls, they can't necessarily control the way they fall, which can result in injury," Yarbrough. "Where as with the JPX cobra 450, you still have control of your body, so you can control your dissent to the ground."

Yarbrough said once he was hit with the spray he had no desire to resist anyone; he just wanted someone to help him get it off.  Officers should start carrying the Cobra by the end of May.

By the way, Yarbrough was a little uncomfortable but otherwise fine after being shot with the pepper gun.

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