Tulia Fights Back Against Burglaries and Thefts


TULIA -- The City of Tulia takes a proactive step to make it harder for criminals to get away with burglaries and theft.

The Tulia Police Department recently acquired the services of LeadsOnline, a nationwide computer database, which allows police to track property transactions. Tulia police are able to search pawnshops, video game stores, scrap yards, and online auctions such as eBay, across the country to locate stolen property.

According to Tulia Police Chief Jeffrey Yarbrough, “pawnshops input all pawned items into the LeadsOnline database so police can match them with any items that have been reported lost or stolen.”

Freeman said, “Our police department has done an excellent job in responding to and solving recent burglaries and thefts in the city. The ultimate goal is not only to arrest those responsible but to recover stolen property.”

Since the Tulia Police Department uses LeadsOnline, all businesses and residents in the City of Tulia are able to use ReportIt, a free online service, designed to provide police with important information in case of burglary or theft. Citizens can use ReportIt to register the serial numbers of valuable items like televisions, laptops, power tools and equipment. They can also register pets, collectibles, or list identifying marks on jewelry, such as personal inscriptions. Photographs and scanned receipts are uploaded to help police identify stolen merchandise.

ReportIt allows Tulia citizens to set up individual accounts through a secure website and store up to 100 items. All information is password protected and is only accessible by the account owner, using their unique username and password. Should property go missing, individuals will be able to print the information from any computer and provide it to police. 

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