Troop Reductions Proposed by Pentagon

- AMARILLO -- The U.S. military is getting leaner.

        The pentagon Monday announced plans to reduce the Army to it's smallest size since before World War II.
        Defense secretary Chuck Hagel says it's necessary as the U.S. continues it's post-war drawdown.

        The changes are part of the proposed defense budget.  Hagel wants to reduce the number of U.S. forces from 520,000 to around 450,000.

        While troop sizes would get smaller, the defense budget would actually get bigger, by about $26 billion.

        The pentagon says the military needs to adapt to the changing world.  For instance, while troop sizes are coming down, there are no cuts to special operations or cyber warfare.

        Panhandle congressman Mac Thornberry says dropping troop levels to a 74-year low comes with risk.   

        "That's concerning because the dangers to our country are not going away.  There's no doubt we need to put more emphasis on special operations, on cyber and so forth, but, just pure manpower, whether it's Army or Marine Corps is also a key part of our security."  Thornberry said.

         The Marines would cut it's strength by 4%, totaling about 8,000 Marines.

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