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A real estate start up company says they can pick you out the best place to live just by studying your patterns online.

They own sites called "RentalRoost" and "GrayRoost" and they want to find you an apartment or home that best suits you.

Here's how they do it.

They take the data from real estate listings, government records, and the census bureau all things that real estate companies typically look at. But here's the difference, they combine that data with more extensive data collected from social media sites like Facebook.

They look at things like your marital status, your profession, things you've liked on Facebook in the past and the types of places where you've checked in.

Then they determine from all that data the optimal state, city, even neighborhood for you to live.

From there they'll suggest specific available homes that fit your lifestyle.

And they say they can get pretty specific, right down to knowing you have a weakness for pizza, they'll make sure your new home is close to a popular pizza spot.

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