Tornado Activity Slow to Start this Spring


Severe weather season is off to a slow start across the country, setting a record for least confirmed tornadoes in the month of March.

"Probably the biggest factor associated with that is just our lenghty winter time. That has kept temperatures fairly cool which are not as conducive to tornadic activity," Jose Garcia, Chief Meteorologist with the local National Weather Service office said.

But Garcia warns, don't think we are off the hook. The climate outlook for spring suggests we will likely get some severe weather.

"It looks like we're going to be a little above normal, temperature wise. That's favorable for tornadic development. And it also looks in terms of precipitation that we're going to be near normal," Garcia said.

Both of those factors can mean more severe weather, and Garcia says people in the Panhandle should be prepared.

The National Weather Service says on average, we see around 20 tornadoes a year in our area, mostly during April, May and June. 

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