SPCA Sees Influx of Abandoned Animals


The Amarillo SPCA has seen an influx of animals being abandoned on their doorstep, and the growing problem is filling up the facility.

Sandy Yerger has fostered more than sixty dogs from the SPCA in her home. The most recent addition is a special case - a little chiquaqua mix named Lolli who was found outside the Amarillo SPCA doors just a few weeks ago.

"She couldn't move. She coulnd't sit up. She coulnd't get up," Yerger said. 

Lolli went to see  a local vet. Then Sandy and her husband nursed the little dog back to health

"The shot, the pills, medication, and I guess some TLC. and she's just fine." Yerger said. 

Lolli is not the only case of  abandonment the SPCA has seen recently.

"I was coming into the shelter last night, glanced to my right  and there were six little kittens," Karen Richardsen, with the SPCA said. "We have enough animals that, you know, people have to bring in and surrender. And it is against the law to abandon an animal."

The facility is no-kill, but it's at capacity right now. Employees say they may have to start taking pets to Animal Control.

For now, pets like Lolli and the six new kittiens depend on foster families and volunteers.

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