Pauken to Focus on 'True Conservatism' in Gubernatorial Run

- AMARILLO --   A former member of president Ronald Reagan's administration announces his run for Texas Governor.       
    Former State Republican Party Chairman Tom Pauken says his campaign will focus on a return to true conservatism as opposed to what he considers top-down model of big money politics.
    His candidacy comes after governor rick perry announced he will no longer seek re-election next year.
    Pauken says he will strive to represent the middle-class taxpayers in the country, whom he feels has no voice in Washington.   
"Texas is the key to the future of our nation and we better get it right," Pauken said. "We need to put a real conservative team together, unite the social and economic conservatives, and take the fight to the left.  "
    Texans will elect a new governor in the primary next year.

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