Narcotics Search Warrant in an Amarillo Home

Two people are facing charges after swat teams raid an Amarillo home for drugs.

Police were called this morning to a home on South Washington near 41st, where narcotics officers found a small amount of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Cpl. Sean Slover says, "they developed enough information to get a warrant signed by a judge.  They went out this morning at about 8:45, executed the search warrant and they arrestd two different individuals from that home."

39 year old Robert Orlando Arellano and 17 year old Robert Arellano, Jr., both of Amarillo, were booked into Randall County.

The older Arellano was charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia, while the 17 year old was arrested for several outstanding warrants.

Amarillo PD says it may have been a small amount of meth, but small amount or not, at least it's off the streets.

Slover says, "anytime you take something out of their pocket it's a good thing for us, it's a good thing for the community.   It lets all the neighbors know, it lets the homeowners know if they're renting, hey guess what's been going on under your nose the whole time."

If you'll remember on December 13, SWAT teams served a narcotics search warrant on 34th and Hughes.

4 people were arrested during that search

Slover says he doesn't think the two are connected.

He along with the Amarillo Police Department say keeping the community safe is their main goal.

Slover tells us, "we're here, we're doing the best we can and we're going to continue working hard."

He says this is the sixth local narcotics search warrant this year.

Three of those search warrants happened in December.. 

Those six narcotics search warrants in a year, Slover says, is average for a city the size of Amarillo.

The investigation is ongoing.

If you think you may know something contact Crime Stoppers

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