Many Hit the Dirt to Fight Breast Cancer

Thousands of people in our area are affected by breast cancer.

But many people took to the dirt to show their support.

"Ya know they always say women can't drive, but really?

For the fifth year, Muddin for TaTas has brought the community together, all fighting against breast cancer.

Event creator Sheryl Brown says, "This is my way to give back  it's very precious to me.  I love it and i'm proud of it. I'm proud of my girls and all these kids. They're amazing.

Brown is a breast cancer survivor.

Both lifelong fans of mudding, she and her husband decided to do what they love, and turn it into a fundraiser.

Whether it's through auctions, sponsors, or just generous people in our community, Brown says every year they raise more money.

Some were even taking bids to shave their head, or their  face.

"When everybody comes together things get acomplished.  And there is nothing more important than helping people in need."

All the funds raised will go toward Ride for the Cure and local women battling breast cancer.

Brown tells us this year they have two recipients.

"It's just really fun to do and everyone's attitude is just really positive."

Her support, as well as the support of hundreds of other folks allows Brown to raise money to buy wigs, provide transportation, and even help ladies with medical bills.

She says, "in 4 weeks we received over $4,000 in sponsership money, and that put this event on."

The food, the venue, the dirt, It was all donated.

Brown says thanks to local businesses, good attitudes, and high hopes, the fifth annual event was a success.

"This community ribght here is the bomb, just the bomb. It's a miracle.  I don't think there's another way i can say it."

Last year the event raised about $10,000

This year's total isn't in yet, but Brown says they are hoping to at least match $10,000 again this year.
According to the US National Library of Medicine, just one breast cancer patient can spend anywhere from from $20,000 to $100,000 to treat the illness over their lifetime.

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