Enteprise Center Looks For Top Business


Small business, big reward. That's the name of the game for the 18th annual WTAMU Enterprize Challenge.

"Our small investment in these companies has had huge return from an economic development standpoint," Enterprise Center Executive Director, David Terry said.

He's referring to the 64 businesses, 568 new jobs, and 91 million dollars in annual revenue produced by businesses that have gone through the Enterprize Challenge.

It starts with orientation workshops this fall. Businesses can sign up. If you progress in the competition, owners receive coaching and business plans will be judged by five locals.

Finalists can get up to $100,000 in grant funding to grow your business.

According to Terry, however, the Enterprise Center offers much more than funds.

"It's not about the money, but it's the process that an entrepenuer goes through to really think about, strategically where they want to grow their business, what needs to be in place for that to happen," Terry said. 

For local entrepeunuer Libby Lane, who's participating in the center's "Idea Village", that's certainly the case.

"Just to figure out your next steps, and like I said, ask the hard questions that you never ask yourself as an owner because you're too busy doing other things. I think it's just going to be a process, you know, that you have to go through to get where you're going," Lane said.

Where these businesses are going now is anybody's guess, but they're aiming to put themselves on the right track with the Enterprise Center. For more on how to get involved in the challenge and other programs at the Enterprise Center, click here

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