Breast Cancer Survivors Get Emotional Healing

The effects of cancer are not only physical but emotional as well.

The Amarillo Breast Center wants to help with those emotional scars.
Their new survivorship program is helping women cope.
"No matter what doctors tells you as far as your prognosis, we got it early, whatever - I mean I think it, you can't help but go there and think what is this going to mean to me," Sharon Felts, survivor and grant manager said.

Surviving is only half the battle. It's moving on from breast cancer, and coping with the emotional effects that can be the biggest struggle.

"At one point I was just feeling really overwhelmed by it all," Felts said. 

Because of those common emotions the Breast Center of Excellence is creating a new survivor focus group program to help women cope.

"Survivorship is all about the human life and quality in general," Rakhshanda Rahman M.D., Director of the Breast Center of Excellence said. 

Doctors say it can be humbling for them because the healing process is not a quick fix like physical problems they deal with everyday.

"We went to those groups ok what can we do better? We think we're doing great with survivorship and then they started talking and no ma'am you're not doing great," Rahman said. 

They say the quality of life stems from many different worries that women have when they fight breast cancer and the survivorship class will help address these issues.

The program also reaches out to family and caregivers of survivors.

The emotional effects of cancer not only affect the individual person but also those to close to them.

The Breast Center of Excellence will be honoring survivors at this Friday's Sox game.

They will also be hosting a fundraiser at the game to support this new program.

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