TRENDING NOW - Won The Lottery, Now What?

So, if you won the lottery today, would you keep working or quit your job?

It turns out that 51-percent of those who participated in a new CareerBuilder survey said that they would continue to work, even after hitting it big in the lottery and 30-percent said they'd keep the job they have now.

CareerBuilder polled a representative sample of more than 3,000 workers in the US and found out why so many people would choose to stay employed even if they were rolling in cash:
  • 77-percent said they'd be bored if they didn't work.
  • 76-percent said work gives them a sense of accomplishment.
  • 42-percent said they want financial security in addition to their winnings.
  • And 23-percent said they'd miss their coworkers.
But for those who would quit their jobs:
  • 48-percent of the people polled said they would give the proper and standard two week notice or would be willing to stick around until their company could find a a replacement.
  • 13-percent said they would resign the day they won the lottery.
  • Three-percent said they would tell off their boss when they quit.
  • And two-percent said they would just not show up for work at all.

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