TRENDING NOW - Will Congress Accomplish Anything Before August Recess?

It is Congress' last week in session before their summer recess and the big question is -- will they be able to accomplish anything before they leave town? Perhaps most notably, there is the real threat that lawmakers could leave washington without being able to pass a bill addressing the immigration crisis at the border. We have a look at the last minute scramble going on this week in Washington.

The White Gouse called this a pivotal week for Congress. Their "to do" is long and their time is running out.

With only five days remaining before summer recess, there's a trifecta of big ticket items in congress that are still outstanding:

A bill to fund fixes to veterans affairs, immigration crisis along the US Mexico Border, and a temporary fix on the highway bill to avert a highway and infrastructure construction crisis.

Things are looking promising for two out of three.

On Sunday night, the Chairmen of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committees said they had reached a tentative agreement on a bill to reform the embattled VA Health System. The deal stills need to be passed this week by both chambers.

And the nearly $11-billion highway bill is expected to get bipartisan support.

The big question mark is the border crisis. House Republicans have a scaled-down bill that provides less than $1-billion in funding but Democrats oppose it.

Both sides appear too far apart right now on immigration to bridge any divide, especially with only five days before Congress shuts its doors.

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