Trending Now: Will A Hangover Delay Your Next Drink?


Published 03/07 2014 12:00PM

Updated 03/07 2014 12:01PM

Chances are you've sworn off drinking while suffering through a hangover. A new study says chances are you probably won't stick to that promise.

The study was published in the journal "Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. Researchers at the University of Missouri collected data on the habits of nearly 400 young adults who are frequent drinkers. After a night of drinking -- when the effects of a hangover started to set in they rated the liklihood they'd drink again that night.

The findings conclude that having a hangover did not discourage or deter the participants from drinking again that same day.

So having frequent hangovers, the reseachers say, "at best" have a "modest or inconsistent" influence on a person's next drink.

The findings give those researchers a more complete picture on what fuels, and what could possibly deter drinking problems.

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