Trending Now - Why Don't Selfies Look Good To Us?

We take selfies to put our best face forward but have you ever taken one and then said to yourself, "I look so weird in that?" Well don't blame your face, blame your brain.

The Atlantic got to the bottom of why selfies never seem to look like our best selves.

First, in some instances our smartphone takes our picture reversed.

Depending on the app you use, your phone will snap your photo like you would appear in the mirror or flip the image and snap the photo the way others see you.

This is jarring for us because our faces are asymmetrical and we are not used to seeing ourselves this way. Our features don't line up like we are used to seeing them.

also, by its nature, a selfie is taken at close range. this leads to some facial features, like your nose or chin being distorted or exaggerated because it is too close to the camera.

Non-selfie photos are more flattering because they flatten your face more when taken at a proper angle or distance.

So before you are too critical and delete the next attempt at a selfie, here are some things to take into account.

First, good lighting is key.

Also, make sure you are adjusting the angle of your camera to get the best composition and to decrease any distortion you get when you hold the camera too close to your face.

Remember to look at the lens.

And lastly, simply take more selfies. You'll become more comfortable and you'll be able to see yourself positively in different ways, as you take more of them.

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