TRENDING NOW - Which President Do You Want To BBQ With?


When it comes to American Presidents -- it turns out that not all are treated equally when it comes to grilling.

We're nearing our big American holiday -- Independence Day -- when families often gather for fireworks and food and according to a new survey, it turns out that most Americans would want former President Bill Clinton manning the grill this year at their Fourth of July cookout.

A recent Harris Poll surveyed more than 2,000 adults online and found that 28-percent of people said they would invite Bill Clinton.

In a close second, 22-percent said Ronald Reagan would be their choice.

Only 16-percent said President Obama would get invited to their BBQ.

12-percent said George W. Bush and 6-percent, Jimmy Carter.

And perhaps it is shocking to no one that who Americans prefer to flip their burger is split along party lines.

Among Democrats, more people prefer Clinton over Obama.

And among Republicans, more would invite Ronald Reagan over George W. Bush.

So, would you want any of these presidents to show up at your barbecue for the Fourth of July?

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