Trending Now - What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship


This may have you getting closer to your partner -- at least while you're sleeping.

A new study, presented this week at the Edinburgh International Science Festival in Scotland, suggests your preferred sleeping habits may reveal a lot about your relationship.

professor Richard Wiseman from University of Hertfordshire conducted the study that asked more than a thousand people to describe their preferred sleeping habits and then to rate their personality and quality of their relationships and it looks like most of us prefer to sleep facing different directions, but still touching or in close proximity.

When asked their favorite sleeping position, 42 percent of people in the survey said they preferred sleeping back to back and 31-percent liked to sleep facing the same direction. Only 4-percent of people said they preferred to sleep facing each other.

Now the numbers that might have you thinking about getting closer at night -- the study also found that 94-percent of couples who spent the night in contact with one another reported being 'happy' with their relationships, compared to only 68-percent of people who said they were happy but didn't sleep in close proximity to one another.

And the farther apart couples slept from one another, the worse they said they felt about their relationship.

The university says this is the first study of its kind to offer insight into someone's relationship by simply asking them about the way they sleep.

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