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You could call this a physical for the nation and the verdict is not great. As a nation, we need to loose a few pounds.

The "Gallup-Healthways well-being index" took a look at American's height and weight to calculate our collective body mass index by area -- and found that almost no American city, regardless of size, has an obesity rate of less than 15 percent. The only exception is boulder, colorado, where the obesity rate is only 12.4-percent.

Nationally, the obesity rate is 27.1-percent, the highest since Gallup and Healthways started tracking obesity rates.

Among America's biggest cities, where the population is greater than one million people -- Memphis, Tennessee, tops the list as the weightiest city.

According to the report, Memphis has a 31.9-percent obesity rate and fewer than half of the residents report getting regular exercise.

It is followed by San Antonio Texas, with a 31.1-percent obesity rate and Richmond, Virginia, at 28.8-percent. Columbus, Ohio, and New Orleans, Louisiana round out the five most obese, big cities in America.

On the flip side, the fittest big cities in america include the Denver-Aurora, Colorado area -- with only a 19.3 percent obesity rate.

The San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos, California area comes in next, also with a 19.3-percent obesity rate.

And the third fittest place to live, among the largest cities, is the San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, California area at 19.5-percent.

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