Trending Now - Wake Up! World Sleep Day Is Almost Here


We're one day away from what's been declared "World Sleep Day". Experts are hoping you open your eyes to see how much shut-eye you may be missing out on and what that means for your health.

You've heard the standard advice, adults should aim for eight hours of sleep a night but when the National Sleep Foundation interviewed 1000 people for a poll last year  73-percent said they got less than eight hours a night during the workweek, with an average time slept of six hours and 51 minutes.

So what are we giving up with that sleep? As the World Association of Sleep Medicine points out, sleep tends to increase our mental sharpness, productivity, emotional balance, and health, including weight.

That's where the World Sleep Day comes in. Experts say we need to focus on three elements of good quality sleep - length, continuity, and how deep of a sleep we get.

And here's something a sleep expert in the L.A. Times pointed out -- for every one hour of sleep you lose, you need one day to recover, so thinking you can pick up sleep later in the week may leave you more deprived than you think.

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