TRENDING NOW - Vacation Over Retirement

Labor Day is just around the corner and you may be thinking about booking a last minute trip but time spent on that may be taking away from your financial security.

Vacation is obviously very important to people and a new survey shows people spend more time deciding where to vacation than they do looking into their 401(k)S.

A survey done for Charles Schwab shows that of 1,000 people saving for retirement, 39-percent say they spent more than five hours looking into vacation destinations.

Only 11-percent say they spent the same amount of time checking out investment ideas for their 401(k)S and about a third said they actually spent under an hour total.

If these numbers trouble you, or if it raises a red flag, there are some things you can do to devote more care and attention to getting the right mix of stocks and bonds for your retirement.

Experts say some employers also have online advice tools or advisors available at a cost.

So, when it comes to vacations -- if you want to be smart but still really want to take a trip for labor day weekend, there are some places you can go and not break the bank.

Travel website, Kayak came up with a list of what it says are the 10 least expensive destinations for labor day, based on average hotel rates. The cheapest is Orlando, followed by Washington, D.C.

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