TRENDING NOW - USA VS Germany - Will You Be Watching At Work?


25-million Americans watched the last USA soccer game over the weekend but the game today is at such a hard time to watch live and will be on when so many of us are at the office. But you can't miss it, right?

CNNMoney did some investigative research about how workers across the country plan to juggle work with the game today.

Many of us will be tuning in on the ESPN app and some say they'll hide it under their desk or behind stacks of papers.

Others say to put your phone under your monitor so that if someone walks in your office, it will look like you're staring at your computer screen -- working, not monitoring the game.

Or you can plan a well-timed lunch. many say they'll time their lunch break to start when the first half is ending so they can see the end of the game at a sports bar nearby.

And others say their office is embracing the reality of the distraction that so many of us are going to face, with managers getting the entire office involved and setting up viewing parties in meeting rooms.

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