TRENDING NOW: Unsafe Beach Water


Many families will head to the beach this summer for vacation. But how safe is the water? A new study just out shows that the water quality is not as safe at some beaches as you may think.

New research just out from the natural resources defense council - an enviornmental advocacy group - looked at the water quality of 3,000 beaches along the atlantic, the pacific, the gulf of mexico and the great lakes.

They found that ten percent of the beaches in our country fail to meet the e-p-a's standards for swimmer safety.

Why? Bacteria, viruses and parasites are the culprit, mainly from contanimated stormwater runoff which picks up garbage along the way or from sewage overflows.

All of this could cause swimmers to catch a stomach bug, conjunctivitis - or pink eye - or potentially something more serious like respiratory illness or hepatitis.

The study found that the worst offenders were beaches in parts of new england, the great lakes and on the gulf coast.

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