TRENDING NOW - TSA Cracking Down On Electronics


Under this new policy, it may not be enough to simply put your electronics through the screening machines at international airports. Instead, passengers flying to the US may have to turn on their devices to prove they aren't explosive devices. No power -- no flight.

The changes come in response to potential new threats from terrorists in Europe and the Middle East. Though there's no specific list of which airports could implement the new screening.

The Transportation Security Administration is outlining new changes to passenger screenings but it's important to note, these are changes at overseas airports that have direct flights into the United States.

The TSA has no authority at overseas airports, so these changes have to come through coordination with foreign governments, airlines and private security companies.

So what about flights inside the US? On Sunday, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said that the department will continue to evaluate the situation. He also said that, at this point, he doesn't expect these changes to apply to domestic flights and that they don't want to unnecessarily burden the traveling public.

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