Trending Now - The Perks Of March

Travel deals - this is music to a lot of our ears after our cold, long winter. Experts say this month many airlines are offering good deals to cash in on airline miles. The best time during the day to book is at 4:30 pm eastern time, they say.

On to cleaning supplies - many brands will be offering sales to fight for your spring cleaning dollars. Take advantage of this. Look for new products, debuting with drastically cut prices.

And experts say specifically to look out for sweet-smelling bargains on home fragrances since they release their new fresh, spring scents.

Next up, frozen food - March is National Frozen Food month. To celebrate, many stores offer coupons for frozen foods. It's the perfect time to stock up while it's on sale.

And lastly fitness, the rush of new years resolutions are over so gyms are starting to slash their membership prices. And equipment for inside use, like treadmills, will be reduced since many people are taking their workouts outdoors now.

This is a mismatched collection of goods for sure but if you were looking to purchase any of these things, March is your time to get a steal of a deal.

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