TRENDING NOW - The Corner Office = Good For Your Health

A new study found that it is the view outside that fancy corner office that is important to your health. It's all about letting the sun shine in.

The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine says sunshine in the workplace is essential to good health.

The researchers studied 49 people, 27 in windowless offices and 22 who worked near windows.

They found the workers who were close to a window were inspired to exercise more and were better rested; sleeping on average 46 minutes more a night than those who worked in a windowless office.

And the researchers say the little differences that are brought on by exposure to simple daylight can help increase the productivity of the worker.

And since most of us spend so much time in our office each week this can really have a big effect. So open up those blinds and crack open those windows -- it could make you a better worker and a healthier person.

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