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The last thing you want is to delay your refund right? So let's talk about the most common mistakes on your tax returns.

This may seem pretty obvious but don't forget to sign it! People still forget to do it and the IRS says not signing your tax return is like submitting a check that you haven't signed -- it's not valid.

Next -- double check your social security number and make sure you're not putting in your partner's or kids' numbers.

Check your name -- the IRS says people do make mistakes and enter the wrong name, especially if a person has changed it recently. The name has to sync up with the one in the IRS's system.

Make sure you check the right filing status, specifically whether you should choose head of household or single. For divorced parents, this can be confusing. If you need help -- there's a tool on the IRS website called, "what's my filing status".

Another mistake -- entering credits or deductions that you don't qualify for or missing deductions that you do qualify for.

The IRS says that the credits that are most often claimed incorrectly or forgotten altogether are the earned income tax credit, the child and dependent care credit, and the standard deduction. The best advice is to use tax software or talk with an accountant.

And lastly -- if you want your refund as a direct deposit, check, and then double check your bank information. even one mistyped number means the IRS will have to send your return back to you to fix.

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