TRENDING NOW - Senate'S $2 Billion Error

As Congress gets ready to recess for the regular August break, one big job remains left undone. Funding for a massive highway bill is still caught between the House and the Senate, which could directly impact roadways across the country.

Just a few days ago this seemed like a done deal. Now, what appears to be a math error and political posturing has the highway bill gridlocked.

The Highway Trust Fund pays for road and bridge repair carried out by the states but the trust is running short on cash. Earlier this week, the senate was perched to be victorious in the funding standoff with a five-billion-dollar bill expected to pass.

But there's one problem.

Lawmakers realized yesterday that the measure was about $2-billion short of what is needed. The Highway Trust is due to start running out of money tomorrow.

Without the federal money, states may be forced to put major road projects on hold. So, what appears to be a simple math error, has turned into yet another political headache to get it fixed.

That potential outcome doesn't sit well with either party this election year, as road projects provide construction jobs and are believed to fuel economic growth and with Congress planning their August recess, the clock is ticking.

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