In our careers most people are looking for many things - perhaps top among them, success and money.

But what do workers really want and how much do they need to earn to feel successful?

The magic number is a salary of $75,000 - that is the amount most workers say they'd need to be paid to be content with their pay.

Most of us right now - well, we aren't happy with our salary.

A new national survey by career website "CareerBuilder" found that 65 percent of full time workers say they don't earn the salary they'd like.

The sweet spot - the survey found, is right at a minimum of $75,000 or higher.

But interestingly enough, money doesn't buy the feeling of success.

The study also found that over half of workers said they can feel successful without hitting that $75,000 salary range.

Analysts say this is a healthy approach - as many workers, while they'd like to earn more - understand that work is more than a paycheck - it's also about giving meaning to our lives.

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