TRENDING NOW - Road Tripping - Summer Fun And Pricey Gas


It really all depends on where you live but the summer months usually see an uptick in gas prices, and this summer is not expected to be any different.

And it could be even worse this year with oil prices on the rise due to the crisis in Iraq.

So if you're traveling cross country, here's what to expect...

The website, wallet hub looked at some of the best and worst states to take a summer road trip, including a look at the highest and lowest average gas prices.

You'll find the cheapest gas, on average, in South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

And the most expensive states to fill up your tank, on average, they include Illinois, Washington, Alaska, California, and Hawaii.

Now, if you don't care about gas prices and just want the best road trip possible, the survey looked at several factors to find the best states to take a summer drive, including summer weather conditions, traffic safety, and the number of scenic attractions.

According to wallethub, the top five road tripping states are, Oregon, Idaho, Minnesota, Utah and Washington.

Texas came in at 29, New Mexico at 14, and Oklahoma 49.

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