Trending Now: Part-Time Love?

Unique it is - this new dating service is hoping that people are looking for love-- but only on the weekends.

The name of the new dating web site says it all - PartTimeLove.Com.

But before you judge this approach as leaning more towards a one night stand, the founder says it's anything but.

The site says it's about low-maintenance relationships -- for people who value independence and love.

The goal is a lasting and loving relationship, but without the time commitment and obligation a full-time relationship would have, according to its marketing materials.

For example one comment on the website is from a man, age 39. He says he works abroad for two weeks out of the month. He hopes to meet someone with -- and i'm quoting him here "her own life who doesnt mind that i have to be away and actually maybe quite likes it."

To note - this website just went live at the start of the year - so only time will tell if there is a market out there of daters who are looking for just this.

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