TRENDING NOW: Overwhelmed? Asking To Scale Back


No matter the job, there's a lot to juggle with work.

A Deloitte Consulting study this year found that the average person checks a cell phone almost 150 times a day and that's just the beginning of the workload. 

So what happens if you feel that doing it all is doing too much? CNN Money talks to experts who say it's good to be a person known for being able to tackle a bunch of tasks...but there are ways to speak up to scale back when you need it.

One tip: keep a working list of all of your projects, so if your boss wants to add more to your plate, you are ready to say how that could keep you from succeeding at other priorities. That list also helps you justify needing help. For example, you might say I can take on a task, but I need this support to make it happen. 

We all know the power of networking--look for ways to help others who might be able to take on a project you don't have time for and give them a chance a to grow while doing so. 

And know that feeling may be a lonely feeling but it's a common one. In that Deloitte Consulting survey--- 70 percent of managers say "the overwhelmed employee" is an urgent or very important problem getting in the way of their workplace productivity.

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