TRENDING NOW - Obama Criticized Over Immigration


There are an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States and increasingly there's a focus on the youngest who are coming across the border illegally. An estimated 60,000 to 80,000 children who will come to the U.S. without parents this year.

Put another way, that many children would completely fill a football stadium like Lambeau Field and the White House has called it an "immediate humanitarian crisis."

The U.S. Homeland Security Secretary says the administration can work within the law to do things to fix the immigration system even without help from a divided congress -- like speeding up deportation for adults coming across the border.

But in Texas, a state impacted so greatly by illegal immigration, both Republicans and Democrats are saying the president is responding too slowly.

On Sunday, Texas Democrat Representative Henry Cuellar said the president is a step behind the problem and that the administration is not reacting fast enough.

And Republican Governor Rick Perry said the immigration problem is both a failure of diplomacy and leadership by the Obama Administration.

Governor Perry is thinking about a second run at the Republican Presidential Nomination. He says Republicans also face some blame about a comprehensive immigration reform bill which has stalled in the Republican-led House here in Washington.

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