TRENDING NOW: Mideast Violence Boiling Over: What's Next?


That cease fire plan failed within six hours yesterday. Today, Secretary of State John Kerry stands at the ready to go to the region. he says he is prepared to fly to the Middle East as early as today if needed.

Even as violence in the region wages on -- the state department believes the Egypt-cease fire proposal could be a basis for discussion

The US condemned the rocket launches by Hamas -launched yesterday in the face of the ceasefire proposal. Prime Minister Netanyahu has again promised to ramp up the military campaign against Gaza.

The state department says they are hopeful that the political wing of Hamas can have some influence on the military wing.

Here's what the top representative of Hamas in Lebanon told CNN's Wolf Blitzer

Osama Hamadan said, "We hope we can achieve a ceasefire, but a ceasefire which can protect the Palestinians and guarantee that there will no violations, a ceasefire which can hold for a long time protecting the Palestinians and give them the chance to live a real life without being attacked by the Israelis every time."

After so much violence over night - officials must now try again to find a way to stop the this deadly confrontation.

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