TRENDING NOW - Making Vacations Affordable

With summer winding down, you may think you've missed out on taking that memorable vacation this year and are blaming your finances -- but there are ways to score a great experience on a limited budget

It may be too late to grab your dream travel this summer but if seeing the world is a priority, you can find ways to make that happen next year.

Travel Blogger Erin Hurson says true travelers make that dream vacation a financial necessity.

First, set up a travel fund and put money in there instead of eating out or purchasing things you don't really need.

You can also set up an automatic transfer from you savings account to pay for the trip. Try a goal of five-percent of your paycheck.

When you plan a trip, look for countries where the American dollar is strong against local currency. That will help you make the most out of your spending money.

And you might want to consider roughing it a bit. Backpacking trips are one way to see the world without spending a fortune.

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