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There's a small window of time in the morning where you have the potential for maximum productivity -- but only if you use that golden time in the mornings wisely.

"Inc. Magazine" talked to the experts to gather a few simple steps that we can all use to jump-start our mornings.

First, let's start at the beginning. Inc. says the best way to start the day is to be on-time or early. This sets your day up nicely to succeed and will likely be the quietest part of your day where you'll have the fewest distractions and are able to get more done.

Next, tackle the most important things first. Experts say if you are dreading making a decision or doing an item on your list, the morning is the perfect time to finally address it. Your mind is fresh and once you can cross it off your list, it will give you momentum for the day.

Plan a mid morning break. Inc. recommends scheduling a walk around the office, a coffee break, or grabbing a breath of fresh air outside. It will invigorate your creativity and productivity.

Doing this is easier said than done -- but having these goals in mind may help you to better kick your day off, on the right foot.

And if you're doing all of these already but find that you are still getting sidetracked, inc. also recommends creating a "not to-do list" for yourself. If you are easily distracted by TV, email, or social media, for example, put that on your "not to-do list" so you'll remember to avoid it until you get your other tasks accomplished.

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