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iPads, iPhones, TVs -- bring anything with a screen in the room and chances are a kid's eyes will be glued to it. We've long suspected this isn't best and this new research confirms those suspicions.

The research was published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics and it shows just how detrimental exposure to those screens can be for a child, left unsupervised.

The study looked at the tech habits of kids in third-grade thru fifth-grade over a seven month period.

They found that when parents set limits on screen time, their kids saw an improvement in their: health, specifically their body mass index; social behavior; sleep habits; and grades.

The improvements were small but measurable, suggesting even tiny tweaks to a child's screen time can have an influence.

And of course this should be a message to parents that limits are important and unlimited access to technology for children may be hurting their growth.

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