TRENDING NOW - Labor Day Sales: Best Buys

If you're going to have to say goodbye to summer, a lot of consumers say, at least they can say hello to some bargains. One of the first may be the fuel it takes to go shopping this Labor Day weekend. AAA travel says the current price of gas is $3.44 a gallon, 15 cents less than it was at this time last year.

It could be why AAA projects nearly 35-million Americans will travel this weekend, the most since 2008.

So what deals are on the table? says, look for the appliances that help you put food on the table. Discounts can be up to 45-percent on major appliances, with chances to save the most by purchasing online and using coupon codes.

Next, think about what you'll miss when winter arrives all that summer time spent outside and chances are you'll find opportunities for sales. Bicycles go on sale this time of year, so does camping gear and patio furniture.

Kiplinger says last year, Lowes, Target, and Walmart took up to 75-percent off patio furniture over Labor Day and discounts look to be in the same range this year.

And it's time to think about how to make long winter nights a bit easier to bear. Mattresses go on sale this weekend with discounts up to 60-percent from Sears. Kiplinger says Macy's is making mattresses cheaper as well.

If we can stand to wait, are there any deals that might get even better with time?

Well, we talked about outdoor living deals but here's an exception, patio grills. Both Kiplinger and say hold off on getting a new grill for a bit longer. Even though there are discounts, the prices will drop even more inSeptember.

And keep the flip-flops out for as long as you can. Fall apparel prices will get lower later in the fall. The same is also true for electronics. The best deals for electronics will come around black Friday, which is only three months away.

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